Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal- Polaris Medical Upgrade Laser (Patch Test required 24hrs prior to treatment).

A Painless treatment consisting of radiation into the hair follicle which destroys the hair roots. Please do not wear make-up, moisturiser or spray tan on the day of the treatment and wear loose fitting clothing to avoid any irritation. Please shave the area to be treated the day prior to treatment to achieve effective results.

The minimum treatment up to 15sessions. The price below are for a course of six sessions.

Price List


This is hair removal using cotton thread, an Ancient Indian technique which you might have seen on TV3 and Off The Rails. Threading will re-design your eyebrows, last longer, is gentle on the skin and causes no redness.

Full Face €65
Side of the Face €30
Chin & Neck €25
Lip & Chin €25
Eyebrow Threading €15
Eye Brow Redesign with Tint €30
Full Face including Neck €60
Facial Bleach €30


Full Leg €599
Upper Leg €399
Lower Leg €399
California €300
Brazilian €350
Hollywood €399
Hollywood Front & Back €499
Under Arm €300
Full Arm €399
Half Arm €299
Full Face €399
Lip, Chin or Neck €199
Nipple/Naval €300


Hollywood Front & Back €599
Shoulder & Half Arm €399
Upper Back Shoulder €499
Upper or Lower Back €399
Chest or Abdomen €399
Full Back €599
Full Chest €599
Full Leg €699
Full Arm €495
Under Arm €399
Brazilian €350
Half Arm €299
Cheeks €250
Neck and Shoulder €299


Less painful than regular electrolysis Depizi (without needle). Recommended two weeks hair growth. Please do not pluck the hair before book your treatment.

10mins €20
15mins €25
Red Vein/Skin Tags €75


(Patch Test required 24 hours prior to treatment) . It is advisable to wear loose fitting clothing on the day and no make-up.

Full Leg Including Basic Bikini €55
Half Leg upper (Basic Bikini ) €35
Half Leg Lower €25
Full Leg €50
Hollywood €50
Brazilian €45
California €35
Under Arm €25
Full Arm €25
Half Arm €20
Lip, Chin or Eyebrow Wax €15



Full Back €50
Full Chest €50
Upper Back /Lower Back €30
Upper Chest / Abdomen €30
Eyebrow Wax (Male) €18