Six Session One Medium Area


FEMALE:-Full Face, Half Arm & Shoulder.

MALE:-Upper or Lower Back, Upper or Lower Chest



Six Session One Large Area


FEMALE:-Hollywood Front and Back, Upper Half Leg
MALE:-Full Face including neck, Upper Arm & Shoulder

Six Session in One Medium Area €149

FEMALE:-Underarm, Hollywood, Brazilian, California, Upper or Lower Back, Upper Chest or Abdomen, Lower Half Leg, Full Arm
MALE:-Cheeks, Eyebrow, Hand, Finger, Feet or Toes

Six Session One Small Area


FEMALE:  Lip, Chin, Neck, Side of the face, Cheeks, Feet, Toes, Hand, Finger, Nipple, Naval, Eyebrow.


Six Session One Large Area


MALE:-Full Leg, Full Back, Full Chest, Full Arm, Hollywood Front & Back, Full Abdomen



Six Session Large Area


FEMALE:-Full Leg, Full Back, Full Chest