FREE Eyelash Tint- Full Leg Wax

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Pay for Full Leg Wax and Recieve FREE Eyelash Tint.


Product Description


Gold Collagen Facial
Wrinkle, Fine lines, Dark Circle & Firming Skin

Non Surgical Face Lift
Deep Muscle Tone, Dark Circles under the eyes & Fine Lines

Whitehead Removal Facial
Milia, Whitehead under the skin which builds up for long period.

Cellular Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Facial
Rejuvenation with cellular regeneration.

Aroma Radiant Pearl Facial
Rejuvenation and stimulation of the skin.

Radiant Pearl Facial
Skin lighting and deep cleansing glow facial.

Ravishing Gold Facial
Cleansing, Facial Scrub, Blackheads, Dead Cells, PH Balance to the skin.

Ravishing Diamond Facial
Oxygen which gives smooth texture with polishing application to the skin. It’s whitening effect.

Cellular Gold Facial
Revitalising effect for a great skin glow.

Skin Tightening Facial
Suitable for fine lines and toning the skin muscles.

Papaya Facial
Suitable Treatment for Blemished & Pigmentation

Teenage Facial
Suitable for Acne skin, Blackhead Removal & Exfoliation.


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