Full Body Massage                €50

Hot Stone Back Massage      €35

Back & Shoulder Massage   €30

Indian Head Massage           €30

Hand &  Foot Massage          €25

Neck & Shoulder Massage   €25

Reflexology                                €35


Full Leg Wax         €40

Male Chest Wax    €40

Male Back Wax     €40

Hollywood Wax    €40

California Wax      €30

Lower Half Leg      €20

Lip OR  Chin            €12


White Head Removal Facial    €50

Blackhead Removal Facial       €50

Gold Collagen Facial                   €50

Diamond Facial                             €50

Chocolate Facial                           €50

Papaya Facial                                 €50

Body Slimming Programs   

Ready for Christmas Party

Slimming Treatment will cover Body Analysis & FREE Consultation. 

Ideal for the client who is carrying over weight, lots of fluid retention in the body, Breaking  Hard Fat- Tonning Loose Muscles, Cellulite Reduction ,

Stretch Marks & Inch Loose. We have a Special Slimming Programme to combined with all the treatments as below:

Three Slimming Treatment Package: -(90mins each)

First Treatment:

FREE Consultation to advise how does work. 

Gyratory Deep Massage (Breaking Hard Fat) Ultra-Tone- Cellulite & Deep Muscles Tone

Second Treatment

Gyratory Deep Massage – (Breaking Hard Fat) Ultra-Tone- Cellulite  & Deep Muscles Tone, Chroma Therapy- (Stretch Mark)

Third Treatment

Minimi or Universal Body Wrap , Gyratory Deep Massage – (Breaking Hard Fat), Slimming Massage- (Fluid Retention)

01-662 7967/ 01-662 7966 / Email-



               Four Hand Massage

Four Hand Massage  Only 30 min Full body massage with two beauty therapists. Its very relaxing. Time is very limited to care about ourself.  We are always in hurry forget ourself. It can fit  in Lunch time.

               Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Back Massage  is great for people who feel cold but prefer a lighter massage. The hot stones relax muscles and release stored up toxins. It is beneficial for a  variety of health  conditions like Stress, Poor circulation, osteoarthritis & arthritis pain.  Also, the warmth of the hot stones improves circulation &  calms the nervous system.

                The Reflexology points 

The Reflexlogy works on  the feet are stimulated along with the lower legs to open the bodies energy lines. The feet directly link up to various internal organs in the body which enables great accuracy for working on specific reflex points. The main benefit is relaxation and it also improves the functioning of nerve impulses &  the blood supply.